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Five basic ways to display fruits and vegetables

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The basic way of fruit and vegetable display -- there are 5 basic ways of fruit and vegetable display in the supermarket, including arrangement, accumulation, arrangement, overlap and decoration.
(1) arrangement. Placing fruits and vegetables side by side in order is called permutation. The main point of display is to align the roots and stems of fruits and vegetables, so that their roots and leaves are smooth, leaving a beautiful and neat impression on people.
(2) accumulation. Placing goods together from the bottom up is called stacking. The number of goods on the top floor is small, and the number of goods on the bottom floor is the largest. This kind of goods display is both stable and three-dimensional, so as to reflect the pure natural color of the goods.
(3) implantation. The scattering of goods in containers is called placing. Containers are generally open. As there are partitions on the sides and bottom of the container, the goods will not be scattered, as long as the goods on the upper layer are placed neatly.
(4) overlap. Goods of different sizes and shapes are interlaced, which is called overlapping. The purpose of overlapping is to make the goods look neat and beautiful.
(5). Put some goods on other goods, play the role of foil, called decoration. For example, the aquatic products are decorated with aquatic plants, fruits are decorated with fake leaves, litchi is decorated with small branches, etc. The purpose of decoration is to produce a good visual effect, make the goods appear a little more fresh, a little bit more neat, in order to achieve the purpose of promotion.