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Employee conversation etiquette

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Conversation is the main means for people to exchange feelings and improve their understanding. In interpersonal communication, the general people pay attention to "listen to what they say and observe what they do", and take conversation as an important criterion of human character. Therefore, in social activities, both the speaker and the listener should do their own thing.
Respect others
Conversation is an art, and the attitude and tone of the speaker is very important. Some people talk with a flow of words, not allowing others to cut in and regard others as their own students; In order to show their smart speech, some people always like to talk in an exaggerated tone, even at the risk of scaremongering. Some people take themselves as the center, regardless of other people's happiness and sorrow, talking about only themselves all day long. These people give the impression of arrogance, impudence and selfishness because they don't respect others.
Second, talk civilized
Small points in a conversation should also show respect for others. The use of foreign languages and dialects in conversation requires consideration of the object of conversation and other people present. If someone doesn't understand, it's best not to use it. Otherwise, it will make others feel that they are trying to show off their knowledge or not to make them understand. Talk to a lot of people. Don't suddenly whisper to one of them. If it is really necessary to remind him to pay attention to the grains of rice on his face or the unfastened button of his pants, ask him to go aside and talk.
When there are more than three people to talk to, say a few words to everyone else from time to time. Don't snub someone by saying "a thousand glasses less than a thousand wine and a half words more". It is especially important to be polite and careful when talking to women, and not to strike up a conversation with one of them when many people are talking.
Gentle and gentle
Some people are unreasonable in conversation and are naturally fond of flattery. Somebody is good to break the casserole to ask after all, nothing is dare to talk, dare not ask. It's rude to do that. Be gentle in conversation, don't hurl insults at people, use sarcasm, argue loudly, and badger. Even if you gain the upper hand in this situation, it is not worth the loss.